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PostSubject: Forum Conduct and Content   Forum Conduct and Content Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 9:20 pm


(1) All members must be treated with respect and common courtesy. As this is a public environment, all personal issues should be taken to messenger or private message. If you have continual issues with a particular member, please contact an Admin or Officer. Direct insults and flames will be deleted without question, and you will be warned. Further misconduct will result in an IP ban and a likely removal from the guild.

(2) Cursing is tolerable just don't abuse the privilege. Over use of profane language will be deleted upon viewing. However cursing at someone is not tolerable and I will ban you from forum and from guild.

(3) Long discussions in important topic threads should be taken to messenger and/or private message, especially if the topic pertains to updates or news. Topics in general should focus on the subject, so if you have an entertaining off-topic conversation, please take it to IM or mail.

(4) Gravedigging - please don't dig up extremely old topics, unless you have an absolutely good reason. Posting in an old topic simply to "boost" your post count is not a good excuse.

(5) Doubleposting - there is an Edit button at the top of each of the posts you make. Please use it, rather than posting multiple times in a row. Members also have the Delete Post capability, so if you make multiple posts by mistake, you should be able to correct that.

(6) Use the search function at the top of the forums before you make new topics! It's very likely that someone has already posted about something you may have a question to.


(1) Accounts - Register with your IGN (in-game name), i.e. if your main character is "lolwhat" then register on the forums as "lolwhat." Please do not make multiple accounts if you have multiple characters within the guild. If you wish for your name to be changed, please contact an Admin or Officer and they will fix it for you ASAP. Inappropriate names will also be subject to change.

(2) Topics - especially in Off-Topic, please remember to keep it decent. Controversial topics are at your own risk. If flames arise, the thread will be locked.

(3) Avatars - board restrictions are 150x200 pixels in size, 64kb max. You can upload to the forums or link to an off-site URL. If your avatar is too big, it will be resized or removed. Inappropriate avatars will also be removed.

(4) Signatures - please keep your signatures at a reasonable size. No image sigs larger than 500x175, as large sigs cause the forums to load slowly. Huge blocks or many lines of text are also unnecessary.

(5) Posting images - mostly pertains to the Screenshots forum, but if you're posting, please make sure that images that are really huge are either resized and linked, or just linked to begin with. It eases the loading time for fellow members. Also sexually explicit content will be removed on sight and a ban will be enrolled.

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Forum Conduct and Content
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