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 Update: For those who are curious

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Update: For those who are curious Empty
PostSubject: Update: For those who are curious   Update: For those who are curious Icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2009 11:00 pm

Hey all. I hope you guys have all been having fun and doing well. Quite a few things have changed over the past several months in my life and I'd really like to bring you guys up to speed on why it's been taking me so damn long to come back.

The most major issue for me is a financial one. I've put in a shit-ton of overtime and worked my ass off to pay off a good chunk of it so far so I can't complain about that one.

The other thing was my weight. Let's be honest guys, WoW isn't exactly good exercise and I don't eat healthy when I play. I'm about 5'8" (that's 172 centimeters for you metric guys) and a few months ago I was 223 lbs (101 kilos). That's straight up fat. The good news is now that I exercise, eat right and don't dedicate 25 hours a week to WoW I've dropped down to 198 lbs (90 kilos) and still dropping. (goal is 175 lbs, I'm about halfway there!)

And for those of you who care to have read this far I just thought I might let you guys know that Harley and I broke up. After dating off and on for two years and then consecutively for another two years it just became obvious that we're too different and get on each other's nerves too damn much. We're both adults and will be fine. We're not gonna be speaking to each other much for a while but will most likely stay good friends. I don't really know if she's gonna come back though.

As for the ultimate question that is on everyone's mind (or maybe no one's at this point), no I still don't know when/if I'll come back and play and if so how much I'll really want to play. It was fun but I just don't see myself sitting down at the computer for hours on end completely and totally immersed in a world that's not real. As I've stated several times already I have no intention of pulling down the forums and yes I still check it more or less regularly to see what you guys are up to. Again, you guys have been awesome and I've been really surprised at the level of activity still on the forums. I hope those of you that have already left the guild can still come by and say hi every now and then. If not, don't worry about it.

Anyway if you guys want you can check in on me on either MySpace at or on Twitter at

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Update: For those who are curious
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