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PostSubject: GUILD MAKING A COME BACK PLEASE READ!   Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:20 pm

[b] YOU GUYS hey.. me or matt... and carly.. are reforming CC!!!!!! we already got alot of people from CC in are guild.. and we are hoping you guys would like to join.. so if you want.. add bloodsxmage.. and kyxie... we are the GM's of it and were trying really hard to bring as meny people as we can back to the guild. yes teh guild name has changed and i prob cant spell it right so i wont try but! please come back we still rep areselfs as the CC guild and are trying to recruit people.. we have alot of people from CC already.. and they are.. horax ..all his alts.. aux.. all his alts.. boss all his alts.. me of course and all mine.. carly's and all hers.. umm we got i think its curos.. or somthing like that.. and were hoping you vedil will read thing soon cuz i no you still play and i hope you wana join.. and anyone else from this amazing guild.. carly is a FANTASIC guild leader we got so much money and awesome things are guild is goign to be fillled.. and its awesome i been in her guild just me and her ever sence CC died.. and now we wana bring it back !!!!!!!! so please guys.. help us out here even if you just brong in 1 of yoru toons..we would love that .. and i will be spamming this all over these forms haha =D soo also tankwarning.. let us hold his tank for not so we can get the guild working .. and i already leveled it up 80 and working on his gear now.. IF! he ever comes back.. (not saying he will or he wont) but if he does he will have a really good donor tank that i set all up just for him haha =) but anyways.. we will start raiding OS all the time and get a bunch of emblems.. so you can get frozen orbs and sell themm or use them.. they run alot of money but umm.. so if you can please guys.. messege this back haha or my aim.. is IIx M4TT xII .. umm anyways.. just messege me on wow.. and talk to me or somthing all good old members are already going to be high rank.. old members that went high and dident talk much ... is still invited but will be 1 rank donw.. and we will get other good members also .. PLEASE people CC was the BEST guild ever help me bring it back. lol!
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