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 New CC guild til it gets back together

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New CC guild til it gets back together Empty
PostSubject: New CC guild til it gets back together   New CC guild til it gets back together Icon_minitimeSat Jun 20, 2009 2:25 pm

Hey whats up everyone? Came to tell you guys about about a new guild that was started. Matt and Shink posted, but in another topic, so I decided it would be more efficient to create a post of its own.
Affinity of Vindiction is newly started. We are trying to gather as many CC members as we possibly can. If anyone is interestd in joining contact myself, in game Auxymoron; Shink, in game Horax, Boomye, Hallower; Carly, in game Kyxie; Matt, in game Minixtank, Bloodsxmage, and Mike, in game Bosslay, Suimay. I dont have everyones alts listed, but theese are the ones that are played on the most. I am hopeing to hear from alot of you so we can try to reform 'til CC is back in buisness again. If anyone has a guild already and would rather stick with that guild that is fine, but for those of you who would like to get together again, Give us a holler so we can get everyone that we can back together.
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New CC guild til it gets back together
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