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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules Icon_minitimeMon Nov 10, 2008 1:17 pm

1. Watch your language in the guild/raid chat. Typically we're very tolerant of naughty language (far more so than other guilds) and will frequently laugh along with you when your curse or make a dirty joke. We do not tolertate this language when it is targeted in a non-playful way towards another guild member. Use good judgement with this rule.

2. No ninja's. No master looting in a guild raid. Ever. PERIOD. You and all your alts will be booted, blacklisted and reported to the WoWscape forums so you'll be added to their blacklist as well.

3. No fighting in guild chat. Take it to a whisper if you must argue and work it out yourselves.

4. Do not whine about:
a. not getting something you rolled on.
b. no raids going on when you need them.
c. not being able to get items out of the guild bank once you've already passed your limit.
d. other guildies not able/willing to drop what they're doing and help you.

5. No hacks/exploits. Even though you're a guildie we will boot you, all your alts and report you to WoWscape. Hacks and exploits are a primary cause of server lag and are simply unfair all around. Don't risk getting banned.

6. Do not abuse our guild bank. You do have the ability to take out gold and items but if we notice that you're maxing out on gold and items every day and you're not contributing then you will be demoted and possibly booted and blacklisted on all your alts. Remember that we can and do track this and you will NOT get away with it.

7. We do require you to be reasonably active to remain in our guild. If you have not signed on in more than three weeks (that's 21 days) then we will regretably be forced to boot you from the guild. You may reapply though if you wish. Please keep in mind that this is much more leinient than most other guilds. Also, if you need to be offline for any reason for an extended period of time, let us know and you will not be booted.

8. Do not beg for gold/items in our guild chat. Ever. Even if I catch you begging for gold outside of our guild chat I will boot you from the guild. WoWscape may be willing to put up with you but we are not. Making gold on a WoWscape server is EASY and people who beg for gold are LAZY.

9. Not so much a rule as a suggestion, but please do help your guildies if you can with questions. You would like it if you came to the guild chat with a question and was able to get it answered, so please treat your fellow guildies with the same courtesy. Very Happy

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Guild Rules
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