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 hey guys...

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Noob Cake MMM
Noob Cake MMM

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PostSubject: hey guys...   Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:47 am

hey guys... i'm dorgaraga
it since that this guild is quite special and co-ordinate...
i just thid guild since last week and i found out that this guild would need more tanker ...
i'm a tanker with donor sword and shield ...
actually i would like to know hows that the guild raid loot works ...
i dont need aything already in any raid but just a few of my dps gear... lol ...
if u guys need any gem can just tell me coz my off. acc. priest is jewelcrafter...
nice to meet u guys...
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Mindless Ramblings
Mindless Ramblings

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PostSubject: Re: hey guys...   Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:45 am

Hey, good to see you here. For anyone that doesn't know, Dorgaraga did a great job tanking Zul'Aman the other day.

Roll rules are as follows:
NEED roll on anything appropriate for your class and spec
GREED roll on anything that you can use if you respec (i.e. a Holy pally rolling on something geared for a Retribution pally)
PASS and then LOOT AFTER ROLLS ARE COMPLETE on anything that you want to disenchant or sell

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hey guys...
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