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 Raid Rules

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PostSubject: Raid Rules   Raid Rules Icon_minitimeMon Nov 10, 2008 2:01 pm

1. Watch/maintain your aggro. If you are constantly pulling aggro from the tank then you are either doing too much DPS or generating too much threat. Contrary to popular belief, DPS is not a contest. In other words, if you pull aggro then die and we wipe in the ensuing confusion that means we died just because you wanted to be at the top of the DPS list. Be mindful of your DPS and threat and if we tell you to slow it down a bit then please do so.

2. If you do pull aggro STOP ATTACKING. I can not stress this enough. as long as you're attacking you're generating threat, making it that much harder for the tank to get aggro back from you. This rule applies to bosses moreso than trash mobs.

3. Do not run around, goof off, duel, or get in front of the tank while the raid is active. EVER. The tank ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS goes first. If we are not organized then the raid may not be succesful and/or may take far more time than nessesary to complete. If we notice that you're being a constant pain then we will boot you from the raid and possibly from the guild.

4. If you need to go AFK then announce it in the raid chat and please wait for the leader to acknowledge. This applies every time you need to go AFK, even for a short period of time.

5. Do not whisper the raid leader, especially during active combat. The ONLY time you should be whispering the raid leader is when you're reporting a ninja. The raid chat is always available and the raid leader does read it. Do not distract the raid leader with something that can be said in the raid chat or that can wait until the raid is over.

6. DO NOT EVER LOOT A CORPSE WHILE WE ARE IN ACTIVE COMBAT. If you do so people may miss out on being able to roll for items because they are busy fighting and it's also very distracting. If you accidentally do so please alert us so we know not to boot you from the raid. If we catch you doing it and you don't tell us or we notice that you keep doing it after you've already been warned then you will be booted from the raid and possibly from the guild.

7. Pay attention to the raid chat and focus on the current situation. If someone has to repeatedly call for a buff and you're not answering then we will assume that you're AFK and we will boot you from the raid.

8. Need roll on items that you need or that are appropriate for your class/spec, Greed roll on items that you don't nessesarily need but may want to disenchant or give to an alt. If you need roll on something you don't need or can't use we will consider it a ninja and you will most likley be booted from the raid and the guild. Jabes has written an excellent guide for rolling that will further clarify this for you.

9. Don't whine if you do not win an item and don't whine if someone got something that you wanted and you think that they didn't need it. For example, a donor may roll on an item for his class/spec even though the donor items he has are better. Some people like to play PvP and arena and donor items are not allowed for those modes of play so keep that in mind.

10. Do not leave the raid as soon as you get the item(s) that you wanted. The raid (and the guild) does not exist solely as a means for you to get the items you need. Don't be selfish, stay and help the raid.

If you break these rules, especially if you do so repeatedly, you are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination from the guild. We do not want to boot you. We would not have invited you into the guild if we did not want you here so please keep that in mind before you break our rules.

Thanks and have fun!

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Raid Rules
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